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Welcome to DVD NEWS FLASH. This blog exists to help movie collectors, like myself, find out what and where these movies we grew up with are coming out. And, what pray tell are these movies, you ask? Well, specifically, there the horror, science fiction, fantasy and exploitation movies from 60s, 70s, 80s, and some 90s. But that doesn’t discount any movie from much, much earlier. They are also the movies that scared, traumatized and/or awed us in the process, thus creating an indelible memory that we are destined to play over and over in our heads for as long as we have the ability to remember.

Below the Breaking News, and The Movies categories, I have also provided a plethora of informative links to supplement your viewing pleasures. So, go ahead, and have a look around. Single file, don’t push, take your time. Oh, and, guys? Try not to break anything, will ya? 


Dustin Baker is a Facebook friend of mine. A good guy who’s having hard times financially, like on the brink of being homeless. If you are able, please go here and donate. He lost his wife to cancer a year ago and is barely holding on: You Caring (Website)



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Scream Factory’s “Summer Of Fear” Schedule

Final Exam
House in the Alley
Sleepaway Camp (Collector’s Edition)

The Monkey’s Paw

The Final Terror
Lake Placid (Collector’s Edition)
Deadly Eyes
Ginger Snaps (Collector’s Edition)

Phantom of the Paradise (Collector’s Edition)
Motel Hell (Collector’s Edition)
The Legend of Hell House
Dog Soldiers (Collector’s Edition)
Without Warning



11 Responses to About This Blog . . .

  1. KC says:


    Great blog! Can you include our website into your “DVD Sellers” section:

    We are an online store operating out of Toronto, Canada. We focus on non-mainstream cinema such as cult classics, horror, exploitation, grindhouse and arthouse films on DVD and Blu-ray.

  2. Already done. Just checked it out. I like it.

  3. randy says:

    Great site!

  4. Can’t find any contact info on your site – can you find mine on http://www.subtitledonline.com and email me?

  5. Just LIKED your facebook page.

  6. Joe Gallion, Gunnery Sergeant, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired) says:

    Just thought you might like to know so you can update your column to the far right under DVD-R sites. They’re “scootermoviesshop.com” and “lovingtheclassics.com” . Not plugging them to help them sell their product but for you so may update your website. Both are very nice and well laid out sites and not bad prices to boot ! (Ha Ha tounge-in-cheek) Oh Well.


  7. Hmmm, I like Scooter Movies Shop, so I added that one. Wasn’t all that taken with the Loving The Classics one.

  8. Joe Gallion, Gunnery Sergeant, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired) says:

    Yes that’s true about loving the classics. It is some what difficult to di what for example an actor or actress stared in. If you want say all of Randolph Scott films that they have all films that had a first or last name of Scott comes up as well as all Randolph first or last names. Not just Randolph Scott and only Randolph Scott, that you wanted. Assuming that you wanted only say that person. Of course there are a few other minor glitches. But not every site is so fine in being so fine to be perfect. Unless their own computers and the personnel that setup the computer and website made that distinction.

    Thanks for the reply


  9. Cretin says:

    Do you know if Shout! is putting THE DUELLISTS out on DVD?

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