Here’s One Vacation You Ain’t Coming Back From!

Contents Of Post:

  • Brides Of Blood
  • Mad Doctor Of Blood Island
  • Beast Of Blood


Brides Of Blood  
Standard 1.33:1 Color  /  Production Year: 1968  /  Region All


Dr. Paul Henderson, his sex-bomb wife Carla, and Peace Corps volunteer Jim Farrell arrive on Blood Island and discover that nature has been hideously perverted when deadly branches and roots grab at them like tentacles. Other native life forms include mutated insects and crabs and a horrific humanoid beast that the spear-wielding natives call The Evil One. When Jim learns that the islanders worship this demon and provide it with sacrificial maidens, he struggles to organize resistance in an effort to prevent yet another orgy of blood.

This elaborate and exotically weird chiller combines 1950s-style monsters (the result of atomic testing) with some strictly 1960s plot embellishments (like the Doc’s nympho wife and the monster’s gory assaults on topless native beauties). It was the first entry in the notorious Filipino Blood Island trilogy which continued with Mad Doctor of Blood Island and Beast of Blood. – Tom Weaver


  • Interview with Beverly (Hills) Powers
  • Commentary Track by Samuel M. Sherman
  • Theatrical Trailers


Mad Doctor Of Blood Island  
Standard 1.33:1 Color  /  Production Year: 1969  /  Region All


The second entry in the Blood Island trilogy lives up to its cursed reputation as enraged, green-blooded monsters prowl the haunted jungles. An American pathologist is called in to investigate a series of grisly killings, with victims’ limbs and innards gruesomely strewn about the crime scenes. His search leads him to the remote clinic of sinister Dr. Lorca, whose evil chlorophyll experiments have transformed a helpless patient into a hideous, green-skinned mangler.

Star John Ashley, who starred in the first Blood Island film, Brides of Blood, is supported here by Angelique Pettyjohn and Ronald Remy (as the renegade scientist). Beware the stepped-up gore quotient, and don’t forget to drink some Green Blood Potion (as directed by the pre-credits sequence), so that you may “safely view the unnatural green-blooded ones without fear of contamination.” – Tom Weaver


  • Blood Island trailers
  • Interview With Eddie Romero
  • Rare Spook Show trailer
  • Commentary track by Samuel M. Sherman
  • Theatrical trailers


Beast Of Blood  
Standard 1.33:1 Color  /  Production Year: 1970  /  Region All


GREEN BLOOD on the Island of Living Horror!

The sinister scientist Dr. Lorca boasts, “I’m madder than EVER!” setting the stage for the final and most violent chapter of the Blood Island trilogy. This sequel to Mad Doctor of Blood Island picks up minutes after the earlier movie left off, with the horrific Chlorophyll Monster on a rampage aboard a yacht. Sole survivor of the carnage, the heroic Dr. Foster now realizes that his job of making the island safe for the native villagers has only just begun. Dr. Lorca captures the Chlorophyll creature and keeps him under control by separating its head from its body. He taunts the still-living head until it seethes with a lust for revenge. Dr. Foster’s army meets Lorca’s henchmen in a climactic battle royale, with the roaming, headless body of the monster adding yet more mayhem to the action-packed mix! – Tom Weaver


  • Interview with Celeste Yarnall
  • Commentary track by Samuel M. Sherman
  • Theatrical Trailers

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