2012 Roger Corman Releases

Contents Of Post:

  • Lethal Ladies Collection, Vol. 2 (The Arena/Fly Me/Cover Girl Models)
  • The Nurses Collection (Candy Stripe Nurses/Night Call Nurses/Private Duty Nurses/Young Nurses)
  • Black Oak Conspiracy
  • Big Bust Out
  • Angels Hard As They Come
  • Bury Me An Angel
  • Naked Angel
  • Student Nurses
  • The Hot Box
  • Sweet Kill

Lethal Ladies 2 Collection   
Widescreen (anamorphic) /  Production Years: 1974/’73/’75 / Region 1

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DVD Empire

Kidnapped by Roman soldiers, four beautiful women must battle for their lives in The Arena – while attempting to beat the Romans at their own game. Starring Pam Grier and Margaret Markov (The Hot Boxand Black Mama, White Mama with Grier). Directed by Steve Carver (Big Bad Mama and Capone).

In Fly Me, a group of martial arts assassins boards a passenger plane. Once in the air, the group terrorizes the passengers and insists that the plane be rerouted to another destination. But they picked the wrong plane to hijack, as these stewardesses don’t just serve meals and beverages – their hands and feet are lethal weapons! Starring Pat Anderson (Cover Girl Models, Lenore Kasdorf (Missing In Action) and Vic Diaz.

They’re fast. They’re beautiful. They’re deadly. . . they have to be. A fashion photography assignment teams three American models and inadvertently plunges them into the mystery and danger of international espionage in Cover Girl Models. When an invaluable roll of microfilm is sewed into one of the girls’ fashion gowns, they are drawn into the violence and intrigue of a spy-versus-counterspy conspiracy. Starring Tara Strohmeirer (The Great Texas Dynamite Chase), Pat Anderson (TNT Jackson, Lindsay Bloom (H.O.T.S.) and Vic Diaz.


  • Audio Commentary With Director Steve Carver (The Arena)
  • Featurette: IN the Arena With Roger Corman, Producer Mark Damon, Director Steve Carver and Actress Margaret Markov
  • Trailers And TV Spots
  • Poster Gallery

Private Duty Nurses / Night Call Nurses / Young Nurses / Candy Stripe Nurses (The Nurses Collection)
Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)  /  Region 1

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Marisa, Dianne and Sandy are three sexy teenagers who work as candy stripers at a local hospital. Feisty Marisa has been assigned her duties as a disciplinary action following a fight at school; Diane considers her work a first step toward becoming a doctor; and beautiful Sandy works at the hospital only to be near her intern boyfriend. You’ll fall in love with Candy Stripe Nurses as they get into all sorts of mischief with the doctors, patients and each other!

Join three luscious nurses specializing in psychiatric therapy as they bend over backward to help the desperate, deviant and deranged. Deeply involved with their work, these dedicated women give intensive care to their aching patients! They do it gladly in the spirit of charity and in the name of love! If you feel out of sorts, the Night Call Nurses know just what to do. . . you’ll be off your feet in no time!

They’re gorgeous. . . and oh, so helpful. They’re the Private Duty Nurses, calling on patients in need (medically and otherwise)! Get ready for Spring, Lynn and Lola, who are enrolled in an experimental pilot program at a major hospital where they must confront underground drug traffickers, racism and even murder.

Kitty, Michelle and Joanne are lively young nurses who work at a large hospital and give the sexiest treatment you’ve ever seen in The Young Nurses. This is the story of the loves and lives of these beauties who must struggle to establish themselves as professionals in medicine at a hospital where sex, drugs and violence are rampant.

Features: New Interviews With Roger Corman, Julie Corman, Jonathan Kaplan and Allan Holleb.


Black Oak Conspiracy  (Shout! Select)  / June 19
Widescreen Color (Anamorphic)  / Production Year: 1977 / Region 1

Shout! Factory

Jesse Vint (Macon County Line, Deathsport) stars as Jingo Johnson, a stuntman who returns home when his mother falls ill. He goes to work for a backwater mining company, where he unearths a hotbed of corruption and land swindlers and a crooked redneck sheriff (Albert Salmi, Caddyshack) in Black Oak Conspiracy. Also starring Karen Carlson (The Student Nurses), Douglas V. Fowley (Walking Tall), Seymour Cassel (The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie) and Janus Blythe (the original The Hills Have Eyes).

Features: TBA


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