No Vamps Here. Just Alien Mind Parasites. Move Along

Planet Of The Vampires
Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)  /  Production Year: 1965  /  Region 1


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Amazon US
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DVD Pacific
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Mario Bava, (Blood And Black Lace, Bay Of Blood) master of the Italian suspense film, tries his hand at science fiction with this stylishly mod twist on the vampire legend. Two spacecrafts on the same mission land on a strange, misty planet. The crew members each find themselves overcome by a hostile alien force which causes homicidal impulses in each of them. As the astronauts are killed one by one, the dead won’t stay dead, which complicates things greatly for the remaining living crew who are attempting for unravel the mystery of the strange forces at hand. Great set design, pleasingly garish colors, and a genuine sense of dread have made this a cult favorite.

Special Features:

  • Commentary features Mario Bava biographer Tim Lucas.
  • Still Gallery contains 44 images, covering VHS box art, press kit stills, and BTS snaps.
  • “Night of the Id” is the original short story that inspired “Planet of the Vampires,” written by Renato Pestriniero.
  • Alternate Music Score Highlights
  • Original Italian Opening Credits
  • “Trailers from Hell” featuring Joe Dante
  • “Trailers from Hell” featuring Josh Olson
  • Theatrical Trailer

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