BLOOD BEACH (1980): Director, Jeffrey Bloom Talks

For those who wish they could acquire a copy of the BLOOD BEACH shooting script look no further. Though, it will cost you some money. Read on, true believers . . . Oh, and before I forget, a BLOOD BEACH website is in the works that will cover the making of the film in as much detail as possible.

From Director, Jeffrey Bloom’s email reply on 2/16/2012:

“One thing we’re excited about it this: The Big Red Book. It’s a thoughtfully constructed, 225 page, spiral bound photocopy of the writer/director’s script, the script I had with me every day for months, and took with me to the set each day. It includes my scribbled notes and diagrams, and it shows where I added, changed, or deleted lines of dialogue. Significantly, if you’re familiar with the movie, you’ll appreciate how faithful it is to the finished film – something pretty unusual in Hollywood.

Also in The Big Red Book:

  • The director’s list of optical effects 
  • The continuity estimate of scene timing 
  • The complete, 31 page shooting schedule 
  • All Daily Production Reports 
  • All Call Sheets 25 pages of press clippings, reviews, box office results, and more

The Big Red Book can be autographed by me, if requested, and can include the buyer’s name. All that for $50.00 (U.S.) plus about 10 dollars for packaging and shipping. It’s a very cool item and I think lots of film students and fans of the movie will want a copy.”

Jeffrey Bloom:


Here are some more insights into the film via an email correspondence with the director:

“Thanks very much for your thoughtful note. I’ve been getting calls and emails from interested parties for years, all asking me if I have the answer. I don’t. I also can’t find a negative, from which to make a quality video. We had a screening in Los Angeles a couple of months ago at a well known revival house owned by Quentin Tarrantino. It was an SRO crowd, and the movie was received with genuine enthusiasm, even though what once was a very pretty film was pink and scratchy. Our DP, Steven Poster, came to see the film for the first time in close to 30 years, and left eager to remaster the neg, if we can find it. John Saxon came, as well. We’ve remained friends all these years.

If anyone can make a legit deal to license the film, and can find a quality print from which to create a dvd, they have my blessing. I’m also certain that their investment would turn a nice profit, because there are so many genuine BB fans. Regrettably, I don’t control the rights.”


2 Responses to BLOOD BEACH (1980): Director, Jeffrey Bloom Talks

  1. Josh M. says:

    Some company did a dvd-r release this year, me personally I think DVD-r transfers are awful, and I would much rather own a physical copy of the film, and I enjoy when a company puts some time and effort into artwork, extras, etc. Apparently some company called Trancas International has the rights to release it, would love to see a company like scream factory, grindhouse, synapse, I would say Blue Underground but they are more focused on re-releasing old material onto blu ray, plus they appear to be moving away from horror movies when it comes to aquiring new titles.

  2. I’ve emailed that Trancas countless times asking about BLOOD BEACH, they never reply.

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