Concerning Brown Jenkin (Short Film)

I’m a big fan of the stories and movie adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft, and I came across this short film (2 minutes and 45 seconds) on Facebook and was so enamored by it, I thought I’d add it to my blog. It’s called, “Concerning Brown Jenkin,” and is about the human-headed rat familiar from Lovecraft’s, “The Dreams In The Witch-House.”

Included is a brief featurette on how Brown Jenkin was created!

The man who created the titular creature and the film is Richard Svensson. Here’s how he describes himself from his Facebook page: “Self-publishing author. Illustrator. Comic book artist. Amateur film-maker. Amateur folklorist and cryptozoologist. Stop-Motion animator and puppet builder. Latex mask-maker. EFT practitioner. I endorse several animal welfare and environmental organizations, and so should you!”

He also has a website you can check out called, THE LONE ANIMATOR, and a blog, and a YouTube account! 


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