Rawhead Rex: Pure & Undiluted

Theatrical Poster

The monster in the above poster is the one we’re all familiar with, but not the one Clive Barker wrote about. A 1993 graphic novel was written that finally gave fans more than a bloody glimpse of a purer and more undiluted RAWHEAD REX. In other words, the monster from the novel as Barker envisioned him, which is, basically, a giant dick with teeth. And, unbeknownst to me, a statue was also built. Would love to see a remake with the beast Barker originally envisioned.

Below are some words, via his website, on what Barker had to say back in the day on the movie version of his literary creation:

“Monster on the rampage stories are about the phallic principle. Large males run around terrorising women. Basically, I wrote a story about a ten foot prick which goes on the rampage. I even put it there in the title – Rawhead Rex – and there’s a scene about two-thirds of the way through where the vicar has an image of a skinned dick in his head. I thought ‘What’s going to destroy a ten foot dick?’ (This is getting into Woody Allen territory), so I made this guy absolutely scared of vagina dentata: it’ll be bested by an image of rampant female sexuality and it’ll say ‘get me the fuck out of here.’ Now, the gag only works if you understand the subtext, otherwise it’s about this dumb monster running around. I couldn’t get them to understand that the whole movie had to smell of sex. When this thing appeared you had to think it was a dick, but they didn’t get the joke. And it was a joke, that was the point: nobody’s going to tell me that King Kong climbing the Empire State Building doesn’t mean something sexual.

“I drew this big dick and they said ‘it looks like a dark dick to us.’ I said ‘you’ve got it.’ They thought more Arnold Schwarzenegger and I knew I was in trouble. They got this German ski instructor who was 6′ 3″ with bigger pectorals than Linda Evans – his tits overshadowed his navel. They got it all completely wrong. I whined at them a little bit and they said ‘get out of our face’.”

By Brigid Cherry, Brian Robb and Andrew Wilson, Nexus, No 4, November-December 1987 


 Excerpts From The Eclipse Graphic Novel:


Alternative Images Sculpture By Rikk Roberts


4 Responses to Rawhead Rex: Pure & Undiluted

  1. Patrick says:

    I’ve got a region 2 DVD with that poster at the top as the artwork.

  2. Yeah, the region 2 DVD cover is much better than our U.S. one.

  3. Dave Tucker says:

    Any news on when this movie might get a re-release… or even better, when the comic might get reprinted? They collected a couple of Barker’s Books of Blood adaptations in the Tapping the Vein graphic novel, but they left out some really good ones with amazing art like Rawhead Rex and Son of Celluloid. I’d love to get my hands on these in collected form…

  4. None, so far. I, too, would love to a get a nice anamorphic LBX transfer of this flick, but Lionsgate owns it, I believe.

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